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I’m Arti Singh Parmar, my father was diagnosed with cancer in December 2019. He had a lump in his right chest. That was the hardest time for our family. During that time I came to know cancer very closely. I also met other patients during my father’s treatment who got treatment from another hospital earlier, but his treatment worsened instead of being cured, then they was receiving treatment again from TATA Hospital, Parel Mumbai. That time I had realized some source should have by which cancer patients get help to take right decision for treatment. That’s why I have created this website because I want to help cancer patients, so that they can get all information about cancer treatment at one place which help them to take right decision and get treatment at low expense without any problem.

To started this journey I had made a YouTube channel ” SOCIAL GIVERnow its helping 3000+ Subscribers to solve their cancer related queries  and get treatment at minimum expenses. My mission is to spread it all over the world so that we can reduce cancer patients. Early detection is the only option for save life of cancer patients but during my father’s treatment I realize lack of knowledge about cancer is also one of the reason for late detection. 

Here at Action4Better, I covered all about cancer. You will find free content here about cancer.

Here is what you will  get on Action4Better :

  • About cancer.
  • Types of cancer.
  • Symptoms of cancer.
  • Best cancer hospitals in India that provides free treatment.
  • Best and Healthy diet plan for cancer patients.
  • Cancer treatment charges.
  • Reasons that are responsible to make cancer treatment critical.
  • Important precautions that should be taken during cancer treatment.
  • About food and shelter during treatment.
  • All details about cancer hospitals.
  • Do’s and Don’ts during cancer.
  • Government Health Schemes to reduce expenses of cancer treatment.
  • Best Insurance Policies for cancer cover.
  • NGOs in India that helps to afford cancer treatment expenses.

How – To :

  • How to detect cancer earlier.
  • How to reduce spreading speed of cancer.
  • How to protect yourself from cancer.
  • How to get free cancer treatment.
  • How to do care of a cancer patient. ( Many more.)

You can share your experiences and ask queries as well about these blogs. I bought the domain Action4Better on 20th April, 2021 from the list of fifteen names. I had bought this by my earnings. Since my college days it was my dream that I do something meaningful for society that can make a great change and that can spread happiness. To accomplish our dream I needed capital for which I taught in a school as Computer & English teacher and saved earnings. I used my savings while building Action4Better. I did this so that I can connect with the people and to spread happiness in their life by help them in their problems, it gives me satisfaction and this is the greatest goal of my life.

I am passionate for our country and it makes me proud that I’m an Indian. Every country have some shortcomings and I think it’s the responsibility of young generation to raise voice against them for the growth of the country. We can do this by the power of words, you have word power by your words, you can change the world. 

If you wants to do something for your nation, something that can make a big difference, If you need a platform where you can express your thoughts, so you can share at [email protected] I will display your post under the category of Blogs with your name. 

Along with cancer blog we have more projects on which we will start working soon. 

Live chat with Honorable Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Ma’am about Save Wild Life.

Our Next Projects are :
  • Academic Pedagogy.
  • Startup India.
  • Save Wild Life.
  • Save Energy.

Let’s Start Taking ActionForBetter!!   


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