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What Is Cancer Disease?

Cancer is a disease, it can start almost anywhere in the body. It is a bunch of old and damage cells that grow and multiply uncontrollably to other parts of the body, these cells forms tumor.

Normally, in human body cells grow and multiply to form new cells as the body needs them, when new cells grow, old or damage cells die and new cells take their place.

But sometimes instead of dying the old or damage cells start growing and multiplying rapidly and thus they come together and form tumor. When a tumor starts forming then it is not cancerous but if this tumor remains in the body for a long time then cancer starts developing in it. These cells start growing very rapidly in the entire body.

Therefore, if there is a lump anywhere in the body, get it removed immediately. Keeping a lump in the body for a long time can cause cancer.


It is caused due to our changing lifestyle such as the chemicals, ultraviolet rays from the sun. Tobacco and drinks are the main causes of Lungs, mouth and throat cancer.

Early treatment of cancer is the only option to cure it completely. For this, it is very important to know the symptoms of cancer.

There are some general symptoms that we can look out for such as:

  1. Repeated pain in any one part of the body.
  2. Lump or area of thickening that can be felt under the skin.
  3. Persistent weight gain or loss.
  4. Persistent cough or trouble breathing.
  5. Difficulty swallowing.
  6. Persistent indigestion or discomfort after eating.
  7. Persistent, unexplained fevers or night sweats.

If you are facing any of these symptoms repeatedly then consult a doctor. And keep getting your full body checkup done.

By Artisinghparmar

Hii, I am Arti Parmar, a blogger, YouTuber & Director of an NGO . This blog is dedicated to cancer patients to help them get best and affordable cancer treatment "Early Detection, Saves Life".

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