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There is no such cancer that can be treated easily. Only early detection can help to treat cancer easily and save patient’s life because treatment will be difficult as long as cancer is detected. That’s why, it is important that people have aware about cancer symptoms so that cancer can be detected and treated easily. 

First of all give them emotional support because cancer patient face many emotional as well as physical ups and downs throughout the course of disease. Think positive and remain hopeful because life is not in the hands of cancer, it is in the hands of God. For treatment I would like to suggest TATA Memorial  Hospital, Parel, Mumbai. They gives best cancer treatment at minimum cost and cure the patients as long as they have last hope.

Prior to go for cancer treatment to out of station, check your patient’s pre-existing medical  conditions like, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes etc, are in control and bring these reports with you. This may avoid delay in treatment and also reduce duration of your stay.

For cancer patients Sweets are strictly forbidden. do not take sugar at all even in milk and tea because sugar attract cancer cells due to which they spread speedly. Avoid fruit juices give fresh fruits that are thick peel. Deep cook and soften the vegetables so that it is easy to digest.

No, without knowing whether the tumor is cancerous or not, the operation can be dangerous. Because the muscles around the cancerous tumor also affected, which needs to be removed at the time of operation. For this it needs to know whether the lump is cancerous or not.


Biopsy is a testing procedure in this a small piece of tissue taken from the tumor in order to examine whether it is cancerous or not. Its side effect is that tumor cells spread speedly after biopsy if the tumor would not removed sooner.

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